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🕐 2021-09-15
Moved to a new server. Please let me know if you run into any issues.
🕐 2021-09-08
Just posted in the marketplace. Sony HVL-F60M Flash https://www.leicaimages.com/ad/24
🕐 2021-09-08
Just posted.
What is your latest gear aquisition? https://www.leicaimages.com/topic/100030
🕐 2021-09-07
Just posted.
Is owning a digital M a waste of money? https://www.leicaimages.com/topic/100029
🕐 2021-09-03
Just simplified adding custom lens to your uploads. Now when you upload photos, you have the option of adding a lens from your personal lens list at the time of upload instead of editing each photo afterwards. Don't select a lens if you just want to

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🕐 01-18-22 3:40 PMmacpic047 posted Click to view details
Photo 103365
Photo by: punkrockemo
Wonderfully captures the "Lockdown" mood .The grid structure parallel to the picture plane fails to constrain the spirit embodied within the flowing graphics on sacking , all off set by lowering sky and graphic geometry of the buildings .
Geat capture.....puts me in mind of the fine work of Roderick Field.
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🕐 01-16-22 3:59 AMsol posted Click to view details
Street - Waiting
Photo by: sol
Thank you very much for your messages and for your time, dear Leica friends!
🕐 01-5-22 9:14 AMphotosphere42 posted Click to view details
Vestrahorn Iceland
Photo by: gip
Very nice!
🕐 01-3-22 7:41 PMphotosphere42 posted Click to view details
Photo - 101545
Photo by: photosphere42
Vivitar Series 1 90mm 1;2.5 Macro.
🕐 12-31-21 6:24 AMken davis posted Click to view details
Photo 103671
Photo by: ken davis
Taken with a Leitz 75mm F1.4 Summilux at f1.4